Second Level Education

The transition to second level school is a time of extensive changes, educationally, emotionally and physically. The child with Dyspraxia/DCD may still be showing immature responses to peers and they will be under greater pressure now to “be cool” and to respond in a mature way. They may feel that their teachers and parents don’t understand them and have failed them. Their frustration and low self-esteem may now be displayed as disruptive behaviour both at home and school. The child with Developmental Co-ordination Disorder (DCD) difficulties will continue to have problems far beyond the three to four weeks that it will take for typical children to settle in and grasp a basic knowledge of their surroundings and what is required of them. The child with Dyspraxia/DCD will remain disorientated, confused and very fearful over a much longer period of time. They will continue to get lost, forget homework, teachers names, class locations and where they are supposed to be and when, probably for months to come. 



Irish Exemption

The department of Education and Skills DEC has published details of a public consultation on Exemptions from the study of Irish. Please click here for more information on these proposed changes.

RACE (Reasonable Accommodations at Certificate Examinations)

The State Examination Commission has issued guidelines on Reasonable Accommodations at the 2017 Certificate Examinations (RACE). The purpose of these guides is to explain the arrangements that allow students with special educational needs to access the state examinations on an equal basis with other students. There are two guides: one for students and one for schools. These guides explains the purpose of the arrangements, give details of the arrangements available and outlines how students can avail of any special arrangements needed. We have also included a useful summary of these guidelines and how the affect students with Dyspraxia/DCD


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