Dyspraxia /DCD – How does it affect adults? Why are stress and fatigue so common?

We are excited to tell you about the second event in our series of talks, “Dyspraxia /DCD – How does it affect adults? Why are stress and fatigue so common?”  Presented by Dr. Áine O’Dea PhD, MSc (Clinical Therapy), BSc (Hons) OT 

Dyspraxia/Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD) is a common motor disorder that does not go away or resolve in adulthood, it is a lifelong disorder. However, the profile of the disorder often changes in adulthood. The motor challenges experiences in childhood may not be as important, but new challenges such as learning to drive, organising activities for work, independent living can be tricky. Adults with dyspraxia often describe greater challenges with anxiety and fatigue. This talk will address these issues and provide practical strategies and tips that can enhance the well-being of adults with dyspraxia.  
Áine is an occupational therapist with over twenty years clinical and research experience and is one of Ireland’s foremost experts in  Dyspraxia/Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD). Áine was the first occupational therapist in Ireland to receive the prestigious SPHeRE (HRB – Health Research Board) scholarship, during which she completed her doctoral studies in the area of DCD, examining both the most effective interventions to
treat this disorder, and how to combat the negative impacts it has on inclusion and participation for young people. Áine is passionate about increasing awareness of DCD and ways to support parents, professionals and schools to promote the physical, social, emotional and academic potential of children with DCD. Áine is a published author of several papers in high-impact journals, as well as being a contributor to other publications in the areas of occupational therapy, clinical supervision and parent/educator coaching. Áine lives and works in Limerick City, Ireland, where she is a full time mother to Amelie and Paul. Her hobbies include travel, yoga, cycling, swimming and reading and she is an active participant.  
More details about Aine and her Occupational Therapy practice can be found at otforlife.ie/site
Date Thursday, May 20th 2021 
Time 7.00pm - 8.00pm 
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