Your donation makes a difference...

… no matter how big or small, whether you are a single donor or a group or corporate donor we appreciate everything you can give to help us support children and adults with dyspraxia/dcd and their families.

What your donations provide

For €60 you can provide a counselling session for a person in need.

Parents of children with dyspraxia/dcd and adults with dyspraxia/dcd face many challenges every day. Sometimes a little additional support can make all the difference in a person’s life. Help us to make that difference by sponsoring a counselling sessions for a person who needs support. 

For €200 you can fund our helpline services for a week.

Our helpline is operated by staff who support over 1,000 callers a year, empowering them with the information and resources to assist them with their needs. Receiving a diagnosis of dyspraxia/dcd is often a very overwhelming time for people. We are here with the support they need. 

For €400 you can provide a full Occupational Therapy assessment and report for a child in need.

There are currently over 22,000 children in Ireland waiting for assessments. Children with Dyspraxia/DCD on the public health list can expect to wait between 2 to 4 years for an assessment. That’s 2-4 years that they miss out on interventions that can change their quality of life. Help us to provide low cost assessments for children who cannot otherwise afford them. 

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