Strategic Plan 

Our Strategic Plan 2021 - 2024 was developed through consultation with our staff, members and key partner organisations and is based on the information and feedback we received during that process. This plan sets out the roadmap for how we will continue to build on the existing work of Dyspraxia/DCD Ireland into the future.

Our Vision

A society where people with dyspraxia/DCD have the knowledge and skills to live to their full potential, and where family members, friends and service providers understand how best to offer support

Our Mission

To ensure that the dyspraxia/DCD community have the information, skills and support to effectively fulfil their potential and to equip professionals and the wider society with information about dyspraxia/DCD in order to promote understanding and accessibility at a national level.

Our Values

As an organisation, we commit to the following values in all aspects of our work: 

  1. Integrity We will be professional and respectful in how we undertake our work to ensure our services reflect evidence-based, best practice training and interventions. 
  2. High-quality We will continuously work to deliver high-quality services and governance standards.   
  3. Inclusive We are a non-judgemental and inclusive organisation that is open and welcoming to people of all backgrounds, identities, and experiences. 
  4. Transparent We will be transparent and accountable to our members and the wider community in all areas of our work. 
  5. Responsive We are committed to being adaptive, flexible and responsive to the needs of our members and to any person who seeks our assistance. We will provide people with the best support to help them reach their full potential. 
  6. Impact driven We believe in using our resources to generate the greatest impact for people with dyspraxia/DCD and we will continuously explore ways in which we can improve our work into the future

Our strategic goals for 2021-2024 are

Goal 1

Reconfigure our service offering to ensure broader and more consistent coverage of supports to people with dyspraxia/DCD at a national level while ending coordination of local activity and support groups.

Goal 2

Put in place a funding strategy that aims to diversify and increase our income streams, in order develop new resources for our members and people living with dyspraxia/DCD.

Goal 3

Develop and implement a communication plan to guide efforts to raise greater awareness about dyspraxia/DCD and the work of Dyspraxia/DCD Ireland.

Goal 4

Develop a range of educational programmes that will support and inform best practice learning for a range of audiences.

Goal 5

Embrace technology as a means of providing online resources, therapeutic interventions and advice and information including a re-development of the Dyspraxia/DCD Ireland website.

Goal 6

Promote Dyspraxia/DCD Ireland as an excellent place to work and an employer of choice.

Download the full Strategic Plan.

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