As part of Dyspraxia/DCD Ireland Awareness week 2020, we have planned a virtual photography exhibition running on our social media pages throughout the week with the theme “I have Dyspraxia/DCD and I am good at….. '
We are asking anyone with Dyspraxia/DCD to submit a photograph, illustrating their strengths. Although Dyspraxia/DCD presents many challenges, we know that people with Dyspraxia/DCD also have amazing strengths and skills and now we want to see it and hear it from you!
To enter our ‘I have Dyspraxia/DCD and I am good at…’ exhibition please click on the link below. Please note that any submissions from entrants aged 16 or under must be signed by a parent/guardian.
Entries close at Midnight on Friday 20th 2020.

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