Fun Direction Dyspraxia / DCD Ireland

3 Day Summer Camp

St. Mary’s Youth Club

East Wall

To book contact Ciaran directly on or


Ciaran will run the Summer Camp with PE and teaching Students from Central Washington University (CWU) study abroad class led by Dr Stefan Ward. The group will run Dyspraxia multi-sport camp for 3 days Wednesday, August 7th - Friday, August 9th. The previous Dyspraxia camps have been a great experience for the USA students and Ciaran and have been enjoyed by the kids and families too.  


Quote from a Mum of a ten-year-old who did the last summer camp with Ciaran.

‘She used to be very clumsy and really unbalanced, but she’s really got on her feet since she started doing the sports. You wouldn’t believe the change in her ‘

10 am - 2 pm each day and a cost of € 40 for the 3 days.

Suitable for boys and girls between the age of 5 and 12  


We will do activities such as ball sports, racquet sports, mini Olympics and dance. Here is a video explaining the girl’s project as a sample to see for parents who may not have attended before.

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