Book Review - Developmental Co-ordination Disorder and its consequences by John Cairney

Title: Developmental Co-ordination Disorder and its consequences
Author: John Cairney
Year:  2015

Developmental Coordination Disorder and Its Consequences, a highly detailed and informational book edited by one of the leading researchers into DCD, provides a comprehensive description of the personal, social, physical, and mental health consequences associated with the neuro-developmental disorder that are commonly found in children and adolescents. This well written book includes numerous new research study findings and theories that inform reader of the various ways in which DCD is currently studied and identified in children. It also details the current focus in known interventions and current treatments for DCD while at the same time provides new directions for future considerations of the management of children with DCD and research into the disorder.

Developmental coordination disorder (DCD) is a prevalent learning-based motor problem in children that is linked with neurocognitive processing deficits and associated with a long list of dire consequences that could easily and potentially lead to other secondary consequences such as depression and anxiety if left untreated early on. Considering the prevalent nature of this disorder and the potential long-term consequences that come with it, it is absolutely crucial for the early identification of children with DCD in order to provide timely intervention to prevent the rise of secondary consequences.  A new, population-based approach that is both strategic and comprehensive is proposed by the authors of this book as a new method for intervening and managing children with DCD. It is a staged approach that supports children who are experiencing motor challenges in an individualized method depending upon a number of factors such as their age, severity, need, and the intensity of service provision. In addition to an individualized component, this approach also includes the support from the children’s surrounding figures and environments to optimize the results of intervention.

This comprehensive guide on everything one needs to know about DCD is perfect for parents, teachers, and anyone who works closely with children on a regular basis who want to become more knowledgeable on this common neuro-developmental disorder and learn about how they could possibly take on a role in best assisting children with DCD to manage the motor difficulties they are faced with and lead a happy and fulfilling life.

Reviewed by Miko Lau

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