Arpit Joshi

Our today's Volunteer is the person managing our Social Media channels. Here's a little about him and his journey as a volunteer with Dyspraxia/DCD.

Q. Can you tell us a little bit about you, who you are and what your interests are?

A. My name is Arpit Joshi, and I am originally from India. I currently work as a marketing and communication lead for a hospitality group based in Dublin. I enjoy watching & playing football, love to sketch, go out for hikes, and like gardening.

Q. What do you do at Dyspraxia/DCD Ireland?

A. I manage social media communications for Dyspraxia/DCD Ireland. I engage with queries from parents and adults to help guide them to the right channels. I design social media post creatives to ensure relevant information is updated across social media platforms.

Q. Why did you decide to volunteer for the organisation?

A. In the last six yrs, I always wanted to volunteer but felt I was caught in a loop of a corporate job & not able to make time for the same. When I came to Ireland, I ensured that after completing my masters I start working as a volunteer before taking up any job coz I didn't want to be stuck in that loop again. On the other hand, 'empathy' & 'giving back to the community' are two things that come to me naturally, so I am happy with what I do.

Q. What is the best part of being a volunteer? Would you recommend volunteering to others?

A. Being a volunteer, I feel how a small bit of work can significantly impact people's lives. There are many people seeking information that they need in dealing with the situations they are in. Being associated with Dyspraxia Ireland, I help amplify what the organisation can offer in providing the much-required support in the area of Dyspraxia/DCD. I'd like to thank Sharon, Fay, Mary & all the other volunteers for the amazing work they are doing.

I definitely recommend volunteering to people who feel they can make a difference through their work. For people like me who always wish to volunteer but can't make time for it, I'd say prioritise what is required & you will definitely make time for what you really want.

Arpit Joshi

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