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If you wish to be come a member you can download the membership form below or you you can join up or renew your membership online by filling in the form below. The system uses Paypal but will happily accept normal credit / debit cards without the need for a Paypal account.

Please note - we will retain the information contained on this form and all other data you provide to the organisation while you continue to be a member. Once you cease to be a member, unless you request that we delete your data, we will retain it for a further period of 5 years. The data will be placed in an archive after 2 years and completely deleted 5 years after you cease to be a member. 

Fields marked (*) are required, but as much information as possible is helpful. Your information is never shared with third-parties without your express consent.


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If you would like to make an additional donation to the association we would very much welcome your contribution (please use whole numbers only, anything after a decimal point will be disregarded)


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