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Dyspraxia/DCD Ireland strive to provide relevant information and supports to our members and the broader community and also to learn of the experiences of our callers so that we can advocate and lobby on your behalf. Many of the queries we currently receive relate to information that is already available on our website. From the 1st March 2022 we will be moving our helpline services fully online.

From March 1st 2022 you can contact us through our online contact form [see below] and we will reply by email directing you to the most appropriate services. If you need to talk to us directly we can organise a call-back to discuss the matter further with you.

Our online contact service can

  1. Provide information on a range of matters which impact people with Dyspraxia/DCD and their families, support networks and employers.
  2. Signpost you to relevant Dyspraxia/DCD related resources and support groups in your local area
  3. Direct you to other relevant organisations and supports that may be able to assist you
  4. In specific circumstances we can refer members to our counselling service

Our online contact service cannot

  1. Assist you to complete forms or legal documents
  2. Recommend one particular service over another

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