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Dyspraxia/DCD Ireland are proud to present a new programme for parents/guardians whose children will be starting secondary school in September 2024. This series of three modules delivered via webinar will help families to support the transition from primary to secondary school for children with dyspraxia/DCD by working through some of the more common concerns and anxieties that can occur at this important time. Resources to assist through these transitions will be provided after each webinar. To register for the programme please use the Buy Now button at the bottom of this page.

Login details will be sent to your email address the week prior to each module.


Facilitator Stephen Hodnett is an Occupational Therapist and prior school teacher who has significant experience of working with children with dyspraxia/DCD across both health and education systems. Stephen has facilitated a number of webinars for Dyspraxia/DCD Ireland, as well as facilitating the ‘Our Say In Our Schools’ resource with a number of our members and has highlighted developing awareness and understanding of Dyspraxia/DCD and finding new ways to support people who use our service as two of his goals.

Objectives of modules 1-3

  1. Participants will explore a clear timeline of areas to target throughout the journey from primary to secondary school.
  2. Participants will develop their knowledge of the key considerations when selecting a secondary school.
  3. Participants will have developed awareness of the supports and resources available to assist during the transition process.
  4. Participants will have a greater understanding of the challenges associated with the transition to secondary school.
  5. Participants will develop knowledge of a number of pro-active strategies to help children plan and prepare for the transition to secondary school.

Module 1 The first steps to the next step

Date Wednesday January 24th 2024
Time 6:30pm

Webinar 1 will look at the considerations involved in selecting a secondary school suited to your child’s needs. It will cover aspects such as who to talk to in secondary schools and establishing clear communications with schools.

The webinar will also explore what goals to set during the six months before beginning secondary school.

Areas covered

  1. Changes and challenges
  2. Choosing a school
  3. Supports
  4. Preparations

Module 2 What can I do now?

Date Wednesday April 24th 2024
Time 6:30pm

The second webinar will focus on the key areas to address over the summer months and how to target the most important areas of preparation for your child. The focus will be on ensuring your child is as prepared as possible for starting secondary school.

Areas covered

  1. What to expect
  2. Managing emotions and feelings
  3. Discussing expectations
  4. Setting goals
  5. Establishing areas to target
  6. Practicing and preparing new skills

Module 3 Finding my feet

Date Wednesday August 21st 2024
Time 6:30pm

The third and final webinar will target key areas to be worked on during the first weeks of school. This webinar will focus on compounding the work completed over the last few months. The focus will be on practical implementation and navigating new expectations. 

Areas covered

  1. What’s new
  2. Positive self-talk
  3. Prioritising work
  4. Study skills
  5. Organisation and planning
  6. Supporting to succeed


  1. Members €45 for all three modules
  2. Non-members €55 for all three modules

Modules will be recorded and will form part of the resource package that you will receive after each webinar.

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