Children with Dyspraxia

Dyspraxia in the Pre-School Child

Indicators may include:

  • History of lateness reaching milestones e.g. rolling over, sitting, walking and speaking
  • May not be able to run, hop or jump
  • Appears not to be able to learn anything instinctively but must be taught skills
  • Poor at dressing
  • Slow and hesitant in most actions
  • Poor pencil grip
  • Cannot do jigsaw or shape sorting games
  • Art work is very immature
  • Has no understanding of in / on / behind / in front of etc
  • Unable to kick or catch a ball

Dyspraxia in the School Age Child

Indicators may include:

  • All the problems of the pre-school child may still be present with little or no improvement
  • PE is avoided
  • The child does badly in class but significantly better on a one-to-one basis
  • Attention span is poor and the child may react to stimuli without discrimination
  • May have trouble with Maths, copying from the blackboard
  • Writing is laborious and immature
  • Unable to remember and / or follow instruction
  • Generally poorly organised
  • Commonly anxious and distractible
  • Finds it difficult to keep friends or judge how to behave in company
  • Difficulty sitting for long periods

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