Adults with Dyspraxia

Come along and meet other Adults to arrange talks,courses ,outings and other social events that interest you .
Meet Mark and his group and help us to set goals and objectives for the rest of the year.
Adult Support Group  e mail  to get to Mark Daly direct or contact the office   on 01-8747085.

Adults may have difficulty with the following:

  • Gross motor skills and Visio-spatial skills (Dyspraxia)
  • Fine motor skills: (Dyspraxia)
  • Manual & practical work (Dyspraxia)
  • Organisation (Both)
  • Memory & attention span (Both)
  • Written and oral Expression (Mainly Dyspraxia)
  • Numeracy and mathematical skills (Dyspraxia Dyscalculia etc)
  • Social, communication and emotional behaviour (Both)

Gross motor & Spatial Skills (Dyspraxia)

  • Poor personal presentation (e.g. untidy and rumpled
  • Clumsy gait
  • Poor posture and rhythm, e.g. dancing
  • Frequently dropping things and tripping over
  • Poor at sport, especially team & ball games
  • Poor balance/difficulty going up and down stairs and hills
  • Difficulty with driving
  • Poor muscle tone/less control